The Sunday Round-Up

This week has been a crappy old week of runny noses and tears, for both me and Ava, and so I’m very glad to come to the end of it finally. As well as to the end of January. We’re edging that little tiny bit closer to Spring aren’t we? I’ll keep hoping for a lovely March this year (a la 2014). I thought I would do a little round-up of interesting things I have come across this week; posts I’ve liked or have made me think, products I have loved, and food I’ve enjoyed….

easy like sunday morning

I’ve been loving my new eye serum from Hylamide. I’ve never used an eye serum before, but it makes the skin under my eyes super soft (I may keep stroking myself a little bit), and I’ve only been using it a couple of days.

hylamide eye serum

My friend Kip wrote an interesting post that sparked a bit of a debate, and got him on the receiving end of rather a lot of shit: ‘Do bloggers have babies for free stuff’. A lot of people took offence, but I’m still not really sure why, unless they think they have done it themselves. People seem to really get offended on behalf of others don’t they? I also think everyone is entitled to their own opinion on their own bloody blog. That’s the whole point, surely?

I also read the lovely Mim’s recent post ‘My Second Chemotherapy Treatment – An Honest Account of AC Chemo Side Effects’, and it really affected me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards, but then we get to carry on living our normal lives don’t we? It doesn’t seem fair that such a lovely, lovely person has to go through all of that. But she’s a strong and brave woman and I know she’ll keep fighting until she’s better. It’s definitely worth a read; I knew chemo could be horrendous, obviously, but I didn’t know it could be quite like that. And even though it’s hard to read I think it’s good to know in case we ever have someone in our lives going through it.

We popped to Prezzo for dinner on Sunday after we went in town, and I wasn’t planning on having a dessert but we had some clubcard vouchers left over, so I was forced to. I had a sticky toffee pudding which never would have been my kind of thing in the past, but I always want it now. And it was very rich and very lovely. But for once I couldn’t eat it all… I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

sticky toffee pudding

The dreaded nursery bear also came with us as he obviously had to go on lots of bloody adventures and be photographed, so he ate some of Ava’s pizza (without touching Ava’s pizza to said nursery bear’s dirty dirty, contaminated, been everywhere mouth) and we took photos. Now I must print them, find some glue and write about all of the adventures he has been on his special book. Joy.

Ava and the nursery bear

I have also very much been loving chorizo this week. I am a little bit addicted and I can’t stop raiding the fridge late at night. It’s horrible and wonderful at the same time. I get so hungry late at night and it’s rather frustrating. But good. But frustrating.

I also got this lovely falafel salad again from Pret. It is SO nice. I’m only interested in a salad for lunch if it’s a ‘meaty’ one with plenty of stuff other than leaves in. This one has the salad, as well as butternut squash, falafel, humous and this other AMAZING dip (the red one), I don’t even know what it is (maybe some kind of Harissa thing?) but I love it. Trouble is, it’s not bloody cheap, and I always want it when I go to Pret now.

falafel salad at pret

Ava’s favourite things have been her Scooby Doo figures; she now has Scooby, Shaggy and this week got Daphne, which she says as ‘Daphanee’, it’s cute. She’s been a bit upset about going to nursery all of a sudden recently and so I’ve been calming her down with bribes, and letting her take a toy or two with her to nursery. She told me that they are all she and her friend have been playing with all day, and made up this story (I think!) about how her friend has the entire Scooby Doo Mystery Van and all of the characters and took them to nursery and they both played with them together all day. She told me that, and then she took it back a while afterwards, and said she didn’t really.

It’s very weird, she’s so imaginative and she keeps telling me things at the moment and I have no idea if she is telling the truth or not! The other day she told me she had Pizza for lunch at nursery, and so I completely believe her, because why wouldn’t I, and then a minute or so later, she’s like ‘I didn’t really have pizza, I just want it for dinner’… WTF. I have no idea what is happening in her life at the moment. She’s a bloody good liar, I tell you. It’s scary.

Has anything interesting happened for you this week?

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  1. 31st January 2016 / 9:43 am

    Goodness, I want that salad too, it looks amazing; I miss Pret! Yes, Spring is not far away, we have daffodils here and I’m sure there are snowdrops around, maybe even in your garden(!)

    Your friend Mimi is amazing and so courageous and strong to share her chemo story!

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