Opposable Thumbs, Making Babies, and Pet Seals // The Things She Says #4

I’m back with another ‘The Things She Says’: the funny things that have come out of my three and a half year old daughter’s mouth recently. I didn’t expect to have another list quite so soon but almost every day she comes out with something that makes me laugh and I have to write down.

Out of the mouths of kids

I hope some of them make you laugh and brighten your day.

A: “I heard a aeroplane”
Me: “Did you?”
A: “It was going like this ‘nee nar nee nar'”
Me: “Haha that’s not an aeroplane, that’s what police cars and ambulances do”
A: “No, they go ‘we’re going to nursery, we’re going to nursery’, and our car goes ‘we’re going to tap and ballet'”

A: “You have two patch” (in my denim shorts)
Me: “Patches, yes they’re supposed to be there”
A: “No they’re not I don’t have patches in my leggings”
Me: “I know but mine are supposed to, it’s called fashion”
A: “I don’t like fashion.”

She put her arms round my neck and strangled me:
Me: “You’re strangling me”
A: “Strangle ME!”
Me: “no!”
A: “Go on strangle me”
Me: “Definitely not”
A: “Strangle me strangle me strangle me”
(I didn’t!)

Reading a book, Nemo and Giraffe – the cat in the book is called Nemo:
Daddy: “Nemo’s not on the picture, maybe he was taking the photo”
Ava: “No he can’t take the picture because he doesn’t have opposable thumbs.”

She said when will she have a baby because she wants one so we talked about mummy and daddy having one “But it’s too hard to make a baby, when I tried last time it was tooo hard”. (I think she must have been reading my infertility post!)

A: “Daddy you know what I want for dinner?”
P: “No what?”
A: “Soap!”

Playing with my old phone “I’m not getting any signal”.

To me while I was exercising: “Pay attention to what your body’s saying”(I’m wondering if she maybe got this from watching good old Doc Mcstuffins).

“Mummy I love you, but I love watching the unwrapping things more than I love you.” Ouch.

“Mummy your hands are wetter than a wet cow!”

“How did somebody put you together mum?”

“You’re a stuck up pony.” (This is from a horrid programme called Horseland which she is no longer allowed to watch.)

Looking at music on my phone: “I found a man that looks like Daddy in glasses.” – Hilariously it was T.I – a rapper who looks nothing like her father (google him)!

Me: “You’re gorgeous, aren’t you?”
Her: “Yes”
Me: “I hope you’ll always believe it”
Her: “I’ll always believe it”

“I love you more than chocolate.” (To me)

I was talking about dying my hair and Paul was saying she can see it next week once I’d been to the hairdressers (because she was asking if she could see it once it’s ‘died’). Paul said you can see it next week when it’s all cut and blonde, and she said “and dead”!!!!

A: “I’m really, really (x10) hungry”
Me: “You have a lot of hunger”
A: “It’s hungry not hunger”

“I love you morrrre than beer!”

We were talking to her Daddy in the other room and he misheard us:
Me to Ava: “Daddy’s getting old and going deaf.”
A: “And he going died” :(

“Mum why can’t I have a pet seal?”

I love looking back on these so much! Have your little one’s said anything hilarious recently?

Little Hearts, Big Love


  1. 17th August 2015 / 9:16 pm

    Oh I love these! Especially the comment about the mobile phone not having any signal, your hands being “wetter than a wet cow” and your hair being “dead” after you dyed it. Brilliant. I hope too that she will always have that self-confidence in her own gorgeousness that she does now. Strangle me also made me laugh – I hope she doesn’t come out with that one in public, might be a little embarrassing! Thank you for sharing these with #ftmob :-)
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted..From the mouths of babes #33My Profile

  2. Emma
    17th August 2015 / 10:19 pm

    Opposable thumbs!!! She’s a mini genius. I love these xx

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