Today is the Day We Find Out if We Got the School We Want!

Today is the day! The day so many parents have been waiting for and dreading in equal measure. Yes, today is the day we will find out if our little one’s have got into the school we want them to go to. Cue a million posts sharing relief, happiness, or sadness as hundreds of parents find out their verdict.

Ava in Porto

I have not been that worried about finding out, although I am not quite sure why. I desperately want Ava to go to school where she goes to nursery now, and I will be devastated if she can’t go there. But I think maybe I’m just thinking what will be will be, and I know it won’t be the end and we will fight to get her in if we have to.

We are not in the catchment area for the school we want for her, nor are we for our second choice. Our third choice for her is our local school, but at least for me it is not really a choice at all. I really don’t want her to go there. We don’t want to live in this area much longer and ideally would like to move to the area where she goes to nursery – so A going to school there would not only make sense, but it’s also a lovely school in a lovely area.

We have decided to go to Alton Towers for the day with our Merlin Annual Passes – so it is either a day of celebration or we will be commiserating, but hopefully we should have a good day either way. I have only ever been to Alton Towers once (which is crazy considering we don’t live that far away!), and that was yeeeears ago, so I am really looking forward to going again.

It’s still a very weird thought that I am the mother of a child old enough to go to school – time has flown by ridiculously fast, and four years old still seems so young in a lot of ways. At the moment A is scared about starting school, but I think that’s just because she doesn’t really understand what it means. She had an enormous meltdown in the John Lewis loo’s the other day when I said she will be starting school in a few months (stupid mummy), because she thought it meant she wouldn’t live with us anymore! It took a while to convince her otherwise. She loves nursery though, so I’m sure she will be alright.

I’m a bit mixed about how I feel about her starting school. On the one hand she has seemed more ready since turning four, but on the other it seems like a lot of school time for such a little person. Also, I feel quite sad about us not having so much time together – it will be really weird not being able to go somewhere during the week if we fancy it, or have long weekends away.

I just want to hurry up and find out whether she has got in or not now, so we can either relax or work out what to do next!

Is anyone else finding out today? Good luck if you are!

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