5 Reasons Why I Love Working From My Bed

I love my bed. I don’t spend long enough in it most nights, but I’m pretty happy there when I am. It might not be the most professional place to work ever, but I love doing it occasionally, and here’s why…


Why I love working in my bed

It’s warm and comfortable

Sometimes I just need to feel comfortable when I’m working, and not be sat on a chair at a desk, and clearly bed is pretty comfortable. My bed is pretty nice, because it’s mine, but it’s quite old, and I would love a brand new king size bed¬†with a lovely firm(ish) mattress.

I get more done

I would expect to get less done when I’m not sitting at a proper desk, but actually I always seem to be more focused and get more done. I think it’s partly because I am away from all of the crap downstairs – the washing/washing up/and all of the other stuff that needs doing every day, as well as the fridge asking me to open it and eat something.

I can look like crap and ignore the front door

I can sit in bed in my pyjamas if I want to, with my hair in a mess, and ignore the front door when someone knocks if I want to (unless I’m expecting an exciting parcel obvs).

I can get away from the noise

If it’s the weekend and I need to do some work, I can’t really concentrate with Ava and her daddy playing loudly together; the TV might be on, or the radio – so working in my bed means that I can escape from the distractions for a little while.

I feel more relaxed

If I’m feeling a bit rubbish or really tired, sometimes it’s just nice to climb into bed with my laptop and get on with some work. I still take my work seriously of course, but I do feel more relaxed about it all when I’m in bed, which is what I really need sometimes.

Do you ever work from your bed? Or would it make you really unproductive?

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