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Kingdom of the Elves


  • We have a new nephew! He is so so tiny and so so gorgeous. I am so happy he is here safe and sound and I am really excited that I get to be his aunty and for Ava to be his cousin. She keeps talking about “my cousin” all the time :) Seeing her hold him was ridiculously cute and made me even more broody. Luckily I get to have newborn cuddles to keep me going for a bit at least. Note to self: You are getting married in eight months (eek) and you do not want to have to fit a giant belly in your wedding dress.
  •  It’s not (too) long until Christmas. For some reason it feels like we are getting into the Christmas spirit especially early this year. Maybe it’s because we got to visit ‘Kingdom of the Elves‘ at Bluestone Wales last weekend. I am not normally one to get into Christmas too early but I am feeling quite excited already. We will get to be with our brand new nephew this Christmas and I think Ava will enjoy it even more this year so it should be a good one. It’s definitely still too early to put the Christmas decorations up though, neighbours.
  • We were lucky enough to get invited to Bluestone Wales and we went last weekend. It is a really beautiful place and we stayed in a gorgeous lodge with forest views. There is so much for kids to do so Ava absolutely loved it and cried when we said we were going home, and we’d already ended up staying an extra day! I really notice a difference in her now when we are both around; she loves having us both to play and spend time with and order about. She loves her Daddy so much and I adore watching them together.



  • I had to have an impacted wisdom tooth taken out at hospital a few weeks ago. I was so scared. The appointment had been booked months ago and I had mostly managed to avoid thinking about it but the day before the fear crept up on me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was mainly the thought of my gum being cut that I hated and the risk of nerve damage. The man that I had seen for my preliminary appointment had said that because the tooth lay very close to nerves for the right hand side of my mouth and my tongue that there was a chance that I could be numb in either of those places FOREVER. And I said “forever?”, and he said “yes, but you haven’t got a choice, you’ve got to have it out because it’s causing decay on the tooth next to it”. Well, thanks for that. The cutting part was actually fine. Obviously I didn’t feel it, but I was so panicked and the drilling went on a bit too long for my liking. It ended up being fine of course; but for a couple of weeks afterwards (and still a bit now) I had a lot of really bad toothache in the teeth next to the one that had been removed, the wisdom tooth that I still have got really inflamed and painful and my whole mouth was really sore. I also got really bad migraines (possibly from all the drilling?) and really painful earache. I don’t know if I just happened to get ill at the same time or if I got a bit of an infection after the wisdom tooth removal, but I felt so ill for a couple of weeks and it sucked big time.
  • Having to eat soft foods after having my wisdom tooth out. Tell me all I can eat is soup and mashed potato and I want steak (although I always want steak to be honest). I just couldn’t stop thinking about food all day long and all the things I couldn’t eat. I wanted chewy sweets godammit. It didn’t help that it was Halloween and there were sweets in the house saying “eat me Louise, eat meeeee, forget about the pain, we taste sooo good”.
  • Ava got some kind of sickness bug on our second day away. It was horrible and I got a bit panicked trying to work out how we were going to deal with a toddler throwing up without loads of spare towels, extra bedding, a washing machine and trying not to let her be sick on anything that didn’t belong to us. We were also really disappointed that we were going to miss out on all the fun stuff we had planned on our last full day at Bluestone. Luckily (and weirdly), she was completely fine again later on that day, and the wonderful people at Bluestone brought us extra towels and let us stay an extra day.
  • I got a few days of respite after feeling poorly for so long and then I got a bad cold and a really sore throat. Winter is here and don’t we know it. So I’ve got really behind on housework, blogging and life and I hate feeling like that. I start to feel like I’m doing better at life and getting more organised and then BOOM, I take ten (or five hundred) steps back. One step forward, and two steps back, nobody gets too far like that….

Hope you have had a great week sugarplums!

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