10 Things That Make Me Happy

My lovely friend Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids tagged me to do this post, so I thought I would join in and share my ten things that make me happy – it’s always a good idea to remember and appreciate the good things in life, especially in a time when we are waking up to terrible news so often.

Here are my ten things that make me happy


It can be stressful and exhausting, especially with kids, but I love the whole experience so much. I love visiting a new place, be it in this country or another and wandering the streets and exploring. I also love getting ready for a trip away and travelling there and being all excited. I also kinda like packing!

The beach

Sitting on a beach and watching the waves crashing against the shoreline makes me really appreciate this incredible world and how wonderful it is. The sea both terrifies and astounds me and I love looking across the horizon and thinking of everything there is beyond it. It makes me feel small and pretty insignificant and I don’t think that’s a bad thing sometimes.

I love digging my feet into the warm sand and paddling in the waves with my girl. The beach makes me so happy and I really hope I can live a lot closer to it one day.


I’ve mentioned (probably many, many times) before how much happier I am when the sun is shining. I just feel more free, and relaxed and happy. I love driving about in the sunshine, with the windows open, singing along to the radio loudly. I can’t stop thinking about moving somewhere warmer, especially at the moment. I’m struggling a bit with living in the moment right now, so I can’t stop thinking about summer being over in this country soon, which is a shame. I wish I could just stop and enjoy it whilst it’s here. But yeah, I’m a much happier and more positive person when that big old yellow orb is shining brightly.

Cups of tea

I love tea and drink it all day. I need tea to cope with life and to get me started in the morning. If I’m not able to have a cup of tea first thing in the morning then I feel a bit antsy and wrong. I have it with almond milk at home and soya milk when I’m out if possible. I love getting a large tea with soya milk from Costa when I’m out and about – for some reason it tastes better than at other places.

A good book

I absolutely love getting completely absorbed in a really good book and not wanting to do anything else until it’s finished. Until my holiday I hadn’t read a full book in months and months due to time and energy; a lack of both, but now I’ve got back into the habit I don’t want to stop, and I love it.

Reading helps me escape real life for a bit and allows me to switch off from my anxieties and care about the characters lives instead.

Taking photographs

I love snapping away whilst we’re out somewhere, and the feeling of finding a photo that you love that you have taken yourself is brilliant. I’m been promising myself (for years) that I will finally teach myself how to use my DSLR on manual mode, and one day I will get there!

My daughter running up to me for a cuddle or kiss

My daughter in general obviously makes me very happy (most of the time!), but I absolutely adore it when she spontaneously runs up to me and gives me a big cuddle or a kiss, and tells me she loves me, just because she felt like it.

It’s the best feeling in the world.

That post-exercise feeling

I’ve been so shit at exercising this year as I’ve mentioned rather a lot recently, but the feeling I get after I have made mysef just bloody get on with it is wonderful. Knowing the hell is over and relishing the achey feeling my body gets when I’ve worked hard is just so good.

Fresh flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my house; I love the beauty and the colour, and I’d have massive bunches constantly if I could.

Sitting in the garden on a summer evening

I really love sitting out in the garden after a busy day, on a lovely warm summer evening with a beer or a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and just chatting about life. It’s so simple but so enjoyable and I love times like that. It doesn’t happen enough other than on holiday, and isn’t helped by the fact that I need new garden furniture, but I need to make it happen more.

So there are my ten things – feel free to share some of yours in the comments, or even share your post there too if you’ve done one!

I’m going to tag:

Kerry from Noah and the Girls, Zoe from My Little Wildlings, and my brother-in-law Jake from Where the Wildings Are – I’d love to see what makes you all happy!

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