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April seems to have flown by, and yet, things that happened right at the beginning of the month seem an age ago. I can’t really believe we are almost at May in 2016 already – it’s gone freakishly quickly this year. I also can’t believe how incredibly shit the weather is for this time of year – snow and lots of hail at the end of April?! Sucks. I want to crack out my denim shorts and feel the sunshine on my face, not be getting our winter coats and scarves back out.

There are quite a few things I’ve been loving this month (the weather not being one them – but Ava desperately wants it to snow, so we’ll see).

My April Favourites


I could not stop eating the lemon drizzle cake I made that I keep going on about. I had to give the last bit away to my mum even though I really wanted it because I just kept eating two or three slices a day. I wouldn’t care but there is so much sugar in it, and my body just isn’t used to that amount of sugar, and my skin is crappy enough at the moment. But I looove it, and I want to make more, and shove it all in my face.

lovely lemon loaf cake

Nutri Ninja

I bought this blender a couple of months ago and it’s brilliant. I already had a Breville Blend-Active which I’ve talked briefly about before, but I wanted to be able to put things like nuts in my smoothies, as well blend vegetables, which the Nutri Ninja does really well. I do have a juicer which I also love, but I like to be able to make smoothies that I can throw chia seeds and green powders into with fruits and veggies.

The Nutri Ninja is so simple to use and easy and quick to clean, and blitzes things up really well. I want to also use it more to make things like a quick and healthy soup at lunchtime, as well as making my own humous.

Stan Smith Trainers

A few months ago I got some Adidas Stan Smith trainers from ASOS and then I didn’t wear them for ages because they were so white and the weather was so rubbish! But I’ve been wearing them loads over the last month and I love them. They’re dead comfy and even though I’m probably not cool enough to wear them, I love them. I have the one’s in the link above that are indigo with a kind of leopard print at the back. I never really thought I’d wear actual trainers day to day again.

adidas stan smiths

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

This is a lovely hydrating serum, that sinks in really quickly and feels lovely. It goes lovely with other serums and under a moisturiser. The thing I seem to love about it the most though is the smell! I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s just so lovely and fresh and watery-smelling. I know that really makes no sense.

It’s great for dehydrated skin, costs around £22, and I feel like it’s going down nice and slowly, so should last a while. Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons love it too, so it must be pretty good. You can get it from Feel Unique here.

vichy aqualia thermal

Red Wine

Well, this is always a favourite, but I’m REEAAALLLY loving it this month. I’m not sleeping well at the moment, and even though I feel a lot brighter than I did a couple of months ago, I’m really tired and worn out by the evening. I’m enjoying a small glass of wine or two some (most) evenings and I’m ok with that right now. It does help me relax, and I enjoy drinking it, so there. I’m not defensive about my habit at all. *sticks tongue out at you*

Fairtrade wine bottles


I just want to go away all the time at the moment. I think because we don’t have a proper holiday planned this year, I’m just desperate to keep going away for a night or two. I love getting away from my house and all the housework and mundanities of every day life, and it just makes me feel a bit lighter and happier. I’m enjoying popping to London for the odd day too, as I’ve been doing quite a bit recently for blog events. I think sometimes working from home on your own all day can get a bit samey and it makes me feel alive and capable going to see the big city and navigating myself around for a day.

We’ve got a few mini trips away in the next couple of months and I’m very pleased about that.

canary wharf tube sign

My ASUS Zenbook

Still adore it, still using it every day. I particularly love it’s lightweightedness (is that a word?! Probably not) and how comfortable it is to use.



What have you been loving recently?

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