Ava’s Christmas List

Ava's Christmas List

At first I struggled to think of anything that Ava might like for Christmas this year. She already has so much and we don’t have the room for anymore big things. Then I started looking. Oh dear.

Ava would like LOTS for Christmas this year! It’s her birthday straight after Christmas anyway (2nd January) so everything is split between the two, but it excites me so much buying things for her from Santa that I can’t seem to stop. It’s ok though I’ve finished now. I think. Until I go on Amazon again or come across something perfect for her on a blog, or Santa has another good idea.

She loves animals so I think she’ll love playing with these (ONE). We like making lots of animal noises together and she also likes to pretend I am a horse. We asked people not to buy her any books this year because she has so so many. But no-one told me not to buy her any so Santa may well bring her a few, or seven. I love books. I never used to understand the fascination with The Gruffalo; but now that I have watched the film I (and Ava) love it and I can’t wait to read the book to her; it has such lovely rhyme and rhythm to it.

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood…..

And even though The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet (FOUR) probably wouldn’t have appealed to me; I have read a lot of good things about it, it gets great reviews and Dougie and Harry from McFly wrote it so Santa had to get it.

Ava loves pretending to help me cook; I’ll let her bring a chair up against the side in the kitchen, stand with me, and stir some uncooked pasta in a bowl, and she’s always getting all of the pans out of the cupboard. I think she will love these cooking implements (THREE) from Ikea and hopefully Santa (or Granny) will be bringing her a set of children’s pans that Ikea do so she can copy mummy some more. She also loves emptying all the food out the cupboards and helping us unpack the shopping so this basket of food should be fun for her. (TWO)

I can’t wait to give her the Brio pull-along doggy (SIX) because I think she’ll love it. She really loves dogs and I think she’ll like being able to pull it around after her and tell it what to do. She will probably also enjoy putting a dolly or more likely her ‘Woofy’ (a microwaveable dog that comes everywhere with us) in this little pushchair (FIVE) and pushing it around.

She absolutely insisted that Santa brings her The Little Mermaid DVD (SEVEN) because she really really wants to snuggle up with her Mummy and watch it. And it most certainly wasn’t anything at all to do with her mummy wanting it.

I used to love my sisters Magna Doodle when I was little, I think they’re good fun and make no mess! Perfect. This Tomy one looks good and I want to make/draw that Lion. (EIGHT)

Ava has already received her big present for this year which is this brilliant Galt Trampoline that I reviewed here (NINE). She still loves it and plays on it everyday. I think it will take on a new lease of life come the summer when she can play on it outside.

I was feeling quite organised seeing as I have almost got everything for Ava, but then I realised I have hardly got anything yet for anyone else so I need to go shopping stat! I hope you are feeling a bit more organised!

I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!

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