Beautiful and Timeless Children’s Clothing From La Coqueta | A Review

“…traditional, timeless fashion for children…”

I love dressing A in lovely clothes. Generally that means clothes from Next, supermarkets, or occasionally John Lewis, but occasionally it means something super special from a small brand or family business.

I love putting an outfit together for her with some pretty or bright shoes, and a pretty hair clip, and seeing her look super cute, and it’s even better if she loves it too. She adores wearing dresses and even better if they have a full enough skirt to do spins in!

I’ve always loved traditional children’s clothing – pretty dresses with frills, or trousers with a pair of braces, and I have bought a few of that style for Ava in the past, particularly when she was smaller. I still have the odd thing from my childhood or currently living on dolls that used to be mine; that are good quality and have lasted years and years through being passed down.

Celia Munoz created her children’s fashion brand, La Coqueta after people kept complimenting her daughter’s clothing that came from Spanish designers. Coming from a large Spanish family, her daughter received lots of gifts of traditional Spanish clothing and was continually asked where her lovely shoes, dresses and accessories were from.

La Coqueta stock gorgeous boys and girls clothes, from babies up to children aged 10 years old. The clothes and accessories are beautifully designed and well-made. Every garment’s origin can be traced back to a Spanish family run business, which I love, and every element of the collection is “Proudly made in Spain” from the choice of cloth to the design and finish of every piece. As well as having the online store, the brand has a boutique in Hampstead.

We were sent the very beautiful ‘Denia‘ dress for Ava and I absolutely love it. Ava was so excited to wear it and it looks so beautiful on her. I love the traditional style that it has, without it looking at all old-fashioned, and it looks amazing with her bright red shoes. She got loads of compliments on it when she wore it to a family meal recently.

I love the cut and colour, and the quality is amazing. It has a white underskirt which just adds to the cuteness, and gives the bottom half it a bit more structure and thickness, and a really pretty lace trim detailing on the neck and sleeves. It’s just beautiful.

You can also get a version of the Denia dress for babies with an attached knicker section to cover a nappy, which is super cute, as well as being able to buy the dress as a set with shoe, knee-high socks and a headband, which is a great idea. It would make an amazing (and very generous!) gift for a child.

I pass on most of Ava’s clothes that she has grown out of, but I know I will keep this for any future daughters that I may have, and then keep it for any grandaughter’s I might be lucky enough to have in the future! It is definitely one of those pieces that will be kept and looked after, and I love special clothing like that.

There are so many beautiful dresses and other clothing on the La Coqueta website – for boys and girls. For boys there are checked shirts and cool dungarees, and amazing jumpers and cardigans, and for girls the dresses with fantastic prints and super pretty blouses and accessories. One thing I really love are the shoes. They are all super stylish and cool, without being too trendy. I just love this style so much for kids and I think it will always work. Honestly I want to buy everything.

Just look at these shoes. They are exactly the type of shoes that I love for Ava – I want to buy her the red ones so much! They are all made of leather too and at £49 for the Mary Janes, compare favourably to a brand like Start-rite but with a bit more style! If they came in a width fitting I would think about getting the black ones for Ava for school.

Patent red Mary Janes              |           Grey suede desert boots           |              Dark tan T-bar shoes

The brand doesn’t come cheap. The dress we have costs £66 and some are higher – they are definitely investment pieces for me. But I do think if you have a special occasion (or if you’re lucky enough to afford them anyway) then you can get a really special outfit for your child that you will hopefully treasure forever. I would buy something for Ava from La Coqueta occasionally if I could. I love having a special dress or outfit for her that I know looks great and is great quality so I know will last. I love knowing that the clothing is designed and produced in Spain by family businesses that care about craftmanship and quality.

When I look at the website I just want to buy everything for Ava and fill her wardrobe with these beautiful clothes. I love that La Coqueta make clothes for up to ten year olds, so that for those older kids for whom clothes will last longer, you can get a bit more for your money. And then the clothes can be passed on to younger brothers and sisters, or other children in the family – which is the intention of the brands owner, Celia.

“As a mother of five, I know how important it is to find easy care clothes that stand the test of time, can be passed on to the next baby and still look great.”

I think it’s an absolutely lovely brand, with so many gorgeous clothes, and I will definitely be back. I think Ava will get loads of wear out of her beautiful Denia dress, and then it can be passed on to another child to love!

We were sent the Denia dress to review, but all words and opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

(P.S I am going to add some more photos of Ava in the dress as soon as I can.)

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