Colours of the Sea Ariel Doll // A Review

Ava really loves her Disney princesses, can name most of them, and loves anything with them on. She is also really into dolls right now and takes hers everywhere she possibly can, AND she’s really into Mermaids at the moment and would quite like to be one (wouldn’t we all). So when I was asked if we would like to review the Colours of the Sea Ariel Doll I of course said yes as I knew A would love it.

colours of the sea ariel

Colours of the Sea Ariel sings and talks, and her tail lights up and goes different colours. You can press her shell necklace to get her to do that, or, you can take her in the bath with you. It’s actually a very cool toy – I even like it, and Ava loves her. She has really enjoyed playing with her in the bath, and has also been carrying her around everywhere else too.

The tail lighting up and changing colour in the bath is really pretty and fun, and the song she sings – ‘Part of Your World’ – is actually really nice (although it has been in my head non-stop since she arrived!). She has 14 different phrases altogether.

colours of the sea arielcolours of the sea ariel

Ariel has really lovely bright red, flowing hair (that I’m strangely quite jealous of) and despite the fact that you can get it wet – it isn’t ruined by doing so. It’s obviously not as perfect as it was originally, but it still looks good, and I think that happens with any dolls hair anyway, just through normal play.

At £34.99 (cheaper on Amazon at the moment!) it’s not a really cheap toy, but I think it’s about expected for a doll that does things, and I think it would make a really lovely Christmas present for little one’s.

colours of the sea ariel

She comes with a little Flounder who squirts water, and she can actually ‘stand’ up on her tail, so she would actually look cool on a shelf or similar when she is not being played with. Ava actually showed me that she stands up – I wish I’d known before I’d taken lots of pictures of her!

Here is a little video of her in the bath if you’d like to have a look. I put some bubbles in for her because it showed her lights up better (and she likes bubbles), but it still doesn’t show them as well as real life…

It’s a really well made and thought out toy – even the little screw-type bits on the back of her are gold and fit in with her scales, which is unusual in a toy. I think we will get most use out of her (sorry Ariel) out of the bath, but her light show is great in the bath too, and it’s nice than she can be played with in both ways.

You can get Colours of the Sea Ariel here for £25.43 at the time of writing.

We were sent Colour of the Sea Ariel to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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