Why Demand for Breast Reduction Surgery is on the Rise

The other day, I was clicking around idly reading whatever I came across, when I found this article, which is all about breast reduction surgery. I was stunned to learn that, in the UK, surgeons perform over 4,000 breast reduction surgeries, every year.

Naturally, I had heard of this type of plastic surgery, but I did not realise that there was such strong demand for this procedure. The reasons, for the popularity of this type of surgery are interesting. They say quite a lot about how women have changed physically over the past decade or so, and how their lifestyles have changed.

Breasts are getting bigger

Apparently, the average bust size is increasing. In the US, the average cup size has risen from a 34B to a 34DD, and the picture is similar in the UK, and many other Western countries.

Why this is happening

There are several reasons for this significant change in the shape of women’s bodies. Top of the list is the fact that we are getting fatter. Fat is laid down in the breasts as well as the stomach, buttocks and thighs. So when we put on weight our breasts get bigger.

The fact that we are exposed to more oestrogen than previous generations is also playing a role. This hormone stimulates the growth of breast tissue. Some of our additional exposure is environmental. For example, the early versions of the contraceptive pill contained high levels of oestrogen. Therefore, women who took them are thought to have inadvertently exposed their babies to the hormone in the womb, and during breast-feeding.

However, the main exposure to higher levels of oestrogen actually comes from our own bodies. For many years, the age at which children enter puberty has been falling. This means that girls start ovulation earlier so go through more menstrual cycles than previous generations. They also have fewer children, which also means more periods, which in turns means more exposure to oestrogen.

Why women are opting for breast reduction

Perhaps the most interesting point the article made was the fact that so many women were opting to have their breasts reduced. In most cultures, large breasts are still seen as highly desirable. Yet despite this, many women are opting to have them reduced.

They are primarily doing so because they want to feel more comfortable, and to be able to live fuller lives. Large breasts really do get in the way. They make it hard to enjoy sports, to play with the kids, and enjoy a range of other activities. Many women with large breasts feel acutely self-conscious. Not to mention the fact that finding clothes that fit when you are a size 16 up top, but only a 10 or 12 over the rest of the body, is all but impossible. Today’s women are prioritising living a fuller life over looks, and opting for surgery.

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