Did Mum Shut Herself in the Wardrobe Again? // The Things She Says #8

Ava’s language becomes ever more complex as she gets older and I find the things she comes out with so fascinating. Many of the words she uses seem far too grown up for her, but she uses them in exactly the right context.

The Things She Says

Here are some of the things she has been saying recently that have made me laugh…

The Things She Says

“The sky‘s awake, so I’m awake so we have to play.”

In the loo’s (loudly) at Alton Towers:
“You can trump in bathrooms right? Because then it’s okay and everyone will want to do it.”

Talking about going on the Octonauts ride at Alton Towers when she was a little bit scared:
“Okay I’ll go on it, only because you are cute, and because you are my mummy.”

“Oh fishercakes!” (I think she meant fiddlesticks.)

“This is my to-do list.” She’s definitely mine.

“I have a phone so I can find Pokemons.”

At The Threadneedles Hotel in our room:
“Wo, did mum shut herself in the wardrobe again?”
I have never shut myself in the wardrobe FYI.

About daddy after we’d been tickling him:
A: “Kill him”
Me, Silent laughing: “Ava I’m not going to kill him!”
A: “Kill him”
I explain, briefly and gently, that if we killed him he would not be here anymore and we would never see him again.
A: Bursts into tears (she’s very tired)
Me: “It’s ok, there’s no need to get upset, because we’re not going to kill him are we?”
A (still crying): “But what if someone else kills him?”
Me: Laughs as hysterically as you can do when it has to be silent so she doesn’t get even more upset.

“Mummy, how about we put all of your money with all of my money and get a baby carrier… ooh and you could steal daddy’s too!” (For her dolly.)

To me: “I love you more than anything in the whole wide world.”
Ditto kid.

I think this was supposed to be some kind of joke:
A: “Why does daddy always drink beer?”
A: “Because he’s a question mark!”

“I have five kids, and I’m tired of watching them all so I put them all to bed.”

” Daddy, I have a tiny willy compared to yours!”.

Oh she does make me laugh!

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