Falling in love with Instagram again.

I’ve been starting to fall in love with Instagram a little bit again. I find that I go through stages with it; sometimes I devour all the pictures, and sometimes I want the wordiness of Twitter, or the reality of Snapchat.

falling in love with instagram

I think I fell out of love with it slightly because so many other peoples feeds are so beautifully curated, and I was feeling pressure for mine to be too, but there wasn’t enough perfectly pretty things in my life (apart from the people obviously) to make it so.

I really love to look at the pretty on Instagram, and so many of the feeds I follow have a theme; but I also love to see the real too – the imperfect photos and lives, the unedited and the funny.

I think for a while there it all seemed a bit too perfect and it made me feel inadequate and excluded and not wanting to join in. I know that’s not how it is and different feeds appeal to different people, but it’s just how it felt.

And then with the updated algorithm which meant that you didn’t see your followers in the order that they posted anymore, I wasn’t seeing a lot of people’s pictures (and I’m still not really, but it’s getting better) that I wanted to see. I do miss seeing them in order still; I just preferred it that way I think.

Now though, I’m getting back into it. I want my feed to look pretty, but I also want it to be me and showcase the things I’m in to and the nicer photos I take. I’m starting to use it as more of an extension of my blog; I’m happy with it being edited and leaving the messy parts of my real life for Snapchat or maybe even Insta-stories eventually.

For the people I care about, I still want to see their real lives, and I don’t care how well taken their photo is – I just want to see them and their lives; but if I don’t particularly know someone then I’m less likely to follow them if their pictures aren’t the kind that I love to look at. That sounds pretty horrible or judgemental, and I don’t mean it to be, but just like I like to look at blogs that are well laid out and well written, Instagram is a bit like that for me now too.

I spent a few months barely going on Instagram, except to post the odd photo, but I’m back there again, and enjoying it much more.

Do you use Instagram much? Have the changes made a difference to how you use it?


  1. 8th November 2016 / 9:32 am

    I have this a little with Instagram, it can feel a bit too edited at times, but like you, unless I know the person, I wouldn’t follow an account that wasn’t pretty either. Harsh, but true. I love your Insta anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself, it is pretty!! Xxx
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  2. 8th November 2016 / 10:49 am

    Thanks lovely! xxx

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