My Favourite Beauty Bits

I use quite a lot of different brands of makeup and skincare; some high street brands and some more high end. I tend to stick with the same products with my makeup, although I do change it up quite a bit with my skincare. There are some things in particular though that I have used for years, that I really love and I never want to be without.

Favourite Beauty Bits

My Favourite Beauty Bits

I buy most of these bits from FeelUnique as they stock loads of different products that I use, and they often have some great offers on.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I have used this makeup setting spray for years now and use it every day that I wear makeup. I have the regular sized one and then a travel sized one so that I’m never without it. I think it works brilliantly and I do notice a difference in how long my makeup lasts when I use it.

It’s wet but not too wet and although a bottle is £22, it lasts me a really long time. If you wanted to try it out without spending so much you could get the travel size for £9. I am actually trying out a much cheaper version of this from another brand at the moment, so I’ll let you know if I like it.

Favourite Beauty Bits

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Ahh, my love for this knows no bounds. I have used the Bronze shade for around thirteen years now (ahh – I sound so bloody middle aged) and I can’t imagine ever not using it. It is a beautiful bronzer with a bit of shimmer that creates a lovely bit of colour and glow without being sparkly. I cannot do my makeup without this product; I just feel like something is missing and my face looks so pale to me. It comes everywhere with me.

I use it kind of like you would a blusher, but also all over my face where I would tan. It can also be great to use as an eyeshadow – either using the five bars individually, or sweeping you brush all over the pot. I often just run my brush over my lids after I’ve used it on my face.

Being Bobbi Brown it is very expensive (£34), but it lasts me absolutely ages (maybe a couple of years), so I think it probably works out cheaper than a lot of my cheap makeup. It is without a doubt my most loved makeup item.

I use a travel sized version of the Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush that I got two of, years and years ago in a special gift set with the bronzer and they are still going strong and work perfectly with it. I would really like to get the full size Face Blender Brush to use at home but it’s pretty expensive.

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz is also absolutely gorgeous as a highlighter across the tops of cheekbones, and I always use it on a night out. This one is also very pretty as an eyeshadow too.

Favourite Beauty Bits

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Another product that I have used for years – this mascara is brilliant. It does seem to be one of those ones that really works for some people and not for others, athough I find that’s the case with most mascaras.

This one gives me really long fluttery eyelashes easily, and although I am quite lucky to have long eyelashes anyway, They’re Real helps them to curl and stay curled, whilst separating and adding some colour.

It was a mascara that never gave that dreaded black under your eye, but it has started to do that to me recently, which is really annoying. I don’t know if it’s something different I’m using on my face, or something else, but it’s a shame.

It costs £19, which is quite expensive for a mascara, but I find it works brilliantly for me, and cheaper ones just don’t compare. Because of the price though, I do tend not to use it every day – I mainly use it on days when I care more about my makeup.

Favourite Beauty Bits

The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming Night Cream

I have used this for a couple of years now and it’s just lovely. It’s a really simple, moisturising night cream that’s thick but not too thick, and isn’t at all greasy. It’s just one of things that I find works and I love it. My skin is nice and soft and plump in the morning after I’ve used it and always feels well moisturised.

Favourite Beauty Bits

It is apparently for mature skin (awesome) and is infused with organic pomegranate oil, and is said to leave the skin hydrated, firmer and plumped. It costs £20 but I’ve never paid anywhere near that much for it – I always get it when it’s on offer. I try other night creams sometimes, but none come close to this – it’s exactly what I want from a night cream.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

Favourite Beauty Bits

I put this lovely night oil from Sarah Chapman into my favourites after I had just started using it – I fell in love with it straight away, and I still love it now. It was one of those things that had quite an effect on my face the first time I used it, and whilst it doesn’t have quite an effect every time now – my skin always looks lovely in the morning when I’ve used it. I always want it with me when I’m travelling so I often decant some into a little pot because the bottle doesn’t close, which is a bit of pain, but it’s worth it.

Dove Soap

Ok, this is the most unsexy and dull thing to ever include in a post like this, but I think I’m probably one of the only people in the world (very slight exaggeration) who still uses soap rather than shower gel to wash with. I don’t really get it. It’s one of those weird things that I can’t comprehend as to why on earth I am so different to so many people.

Whenever I very occasionally use a shower gel it takes me so much longer to wash! With a shower gel you have to keep opening the lid and getting more product out and you can just run a bar of soap all over you (ish). I have used Dove for years and years; it doesn’t dry my skin out at all and it works.

Am I missing something at 32 years old when it comes to shower gel?! Please explain.

Favourite Beauty Bits

Are there any particular products that you’ve used for years and wouldn’t be without? I’d love to hear what they are.

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