Getting The Kids Summer Ready

As adults, we shop. A lot. Food, house accessories and work wardrobe shopping is cyclical depending on the mood and the season. When it comes to the kids, they need two things: good food and clothes that fit. The thing is, kids grow like weeds! Unfortunately, they don’t slow down when it comes to growth, and clothes and shoes can be grown out of before the end of the season, meaning you are buying more and more clothes to keep up!

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There are so many things hitting the kids fashion market, and you can find these in the stores on the high street or on the online stores like One of the best things about the kids trends this year is the colours. Children’s clothes are always bold and bright, but when it comes to summer clothing you can really get stuck into the rainbow. Think bright green sunhats and bubble gum pink Hunter wellies, which are perfect for the upcoming festival season! There’s always something beautiful on the fashion market for the summer and as you move out of the colder, long-sleeved season and into the one full of shorts and summer dresses, these are some trends you should absolutely look out for:

Sandals. If your kids are living in sneakers and plain black school shoes all year, you’ll welcome the change into open air shoes! For girls, fluorescent sandals with funky décor like these Sophia Webster Becky Malibu Mini Sandals are totally in right now. They go so well with bright outfits for the beach or the funfair, especially if you are heading on vacation. Bright colours are an essential for children – it makes them easier to spot! For little boys, baby crocs like these ones are just awesome and allow for air to circulate around the feet, making playtime feel cooler.

Swimwear. When you’re packing your case for a vacation by the sea, you can be spoilt for choice for swimwear for your children. Ideally, shorts and t-shirt swimwear is the best for the beach, as less skin is on show which is better for staying sun smart. The choices in colour and pattern are huge across a range of stores, meaning you won’t be short on choices this summer season.

Sunhats. One of the biggest essentials out there, a sunhat can vary from style to style. Larger, floppy hats like this one can rival the standard, brightly coloured baseball cap in terms of fashion. Your little fashionista can rule the sandy shores and look on trend. The colours and styles can vary but as long as they’re covered up, you’re good!

Raincoats. It may be summer, but the weather is as unpredictable as every other season. Investing in raincoats like this will keep the kids dry without making them overheat. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it’s warm, so keep that in mind when you’re getting their summer wardrobe ready. Pretty, bright patterns look fantastic in the summer months, so go bold and jazz up your child this season.

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