Life Lately {according to Instagram}

Instagram Collage

1. Holding on to Mummy’s legs  2. Fast asleep  3. Cheese and Spinach Muffins from The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook  4. Dressed by Daddy  5. Wide awake in the middle of the night  6. Daisy the Cat wants to join in  7. I can get my own toys out Mummy  8. What has Daddy done to me?  9. Hi people in the park!  10. …I’ll pull faces at you then  11. Sleeping in the Ergo Performance whilst Daddy goes for a walk  12. Cutie chunky feet resting on Mummy  13. In my onesie  14. Learning to smile for the camera  15. A steam train in Whitby  16. Babywearing on the beach  17. Drawing round our (wonky) hands  18. Wax crayons!


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