Married Life: The First Month

On Wednesday it was the one month anniversary of our wedding. It’s kind of flown by and yet at the same time that beautiful day seems ages ago. I think because it was such a blur and the day flew by so fast that it doesn’t seem like it was only one month ago.

The first month of married life

Everyone who sees me asks how married life is (mostly my delivery men!) and they all expect the same answer; that it’s exactly the same as before and that’s usually what I say. And it’s true. Not that much has changed in our daily life, but also something massive has happened. Nothing much is different, and yet it’s nice to know that after all of this time of us being together (around fifteen years) that we are married now.

It didn’t bother me at all not being married or having a really long engagement – having a baby as soon as possible was our priority (you can find out why here) – but it does feel really nice and secure being married.

I love having the same name as my little family, even though it is very weird changing your name at thirty years old. It’s exciting too though, having a new name. I really love glancing down and seeing my lovely wedding ring, and knowing that I am married and we have made a commitment to each other. It feels special. And it makes me very happy.

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