Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – June 2015

I’m not even going to say that I can’t believe how fast this month has gone (failed), because the days, weeks, and months until my wedding have been going faster than normal for ages now. These sneaky shorter months always get me, and I’ve well and truly forgotten about Me and Mine this month. That’s what you get when you’re getting married in two and a half weeks. No time to think. I only remembered when I looked at my emails this morning and saw Katie’s post for this month and then had a mini panic (I may have sworn in public) and then quickly looked through my iPhone photos knowing full well that there wouldn’t be any family photos there because we haven’t taken any.

There were at least a couple of times when I could have jumped into photos of the boy and Ava but I am stupid, and so I didn’t. I am going to try my best to grab one or two of us tonight, but as they will include a very grumpy, tired three year old who has been at nursery all day, and probably a grumpy, tired Daddy too then I don’t have much hope for them (I will be smiling and happy and lovely as always).

I’m determined to get the photo; I refuse to fail and miss a month. I think I feel even more determination (pressure?) because we started joining in with Me and Mine in January and so I have to get a full year, don’t I?

The good news for me is (although probably you too as you get to look at better photos and read something more interesting than this ramble) is that next month will almost definitely be easy as we will have our wedding pictures together to choose from! So exciting. Annoyingly we will also have the photos from our pre-wedding shoot to choose from – I don’t know why I arranged them for the same month. Actually we won’t have our wedding photos back by the end of the month will we? I’m sure other people will take photos of the three of us though and I can steal them.

And so there we have it; the tumble of thoughts spilling out of my brain for you this morning. Just a big ramble; no photos.

…..Well we now have our photos and I warned you didn’t I? Except they’re worse than I imagined they would be. Ava came home from nursery absolutely exhausted and could barely keep her eyes open. She fell asleep on the way home and then twice before I’d managed to make dinner, the poor thing. I think she had probably had too much sun whilst running about and it has totally worn her out. So yes, she’s crying in these photos. Prepare yourselves for possibly (definitely) the worst Me and Mine photos taken, ever…..

Me and Mine Juneme and mine a family portrait projectme and mine

…et voila! I’ll do better next month!

Hope you have all had a lovely June xxx

dear beautiful


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