Oh Yes I Did.


Today I bought Ava some ca-uuuute Christmas clothes that I cannot wait to put her in. Last year we really thought she would be here by Christmas seeing as she was due on 22nd December (originally the 25th!!!!!), but ohhhh no, she made her Mummy be a fat uncomfortable preggo all over Christmas and decided to show up on 2nd January (which I’m now grateful for because she has a better birthday).

But because the boy is so stingy, he wouldn’t let me buy much Christmas stuff for her last year in case she didn’t show up in time. OK, he was right (first time for everything and all that), but that means that this year I am going to make my baby look like a Reindeer for the next two months. Maybe sometimes an elf. Or a Christmas pudding. Don’t worry, there will be pictures…

Today we went to lovely old Tesco and I bought a Reindeer furry onesie, complete with ears; a  Santa hat (of course) some slippers with Reindeer on, and, oh wait I think that’s it. Not enough son, not enough. Next stop Asda. And Primarni. And no, I’m not obsessed with Reindeer, it just so happened that that’s what they had and they were cute.

P.S That is not my little Reindeer up there.

P.P.S How cute?!……

Source: picgusta.com via Kerry on Pinterest


Nope. Still not obsessed.


  1. 24th October 2012 / 9:46 am

    My poor little Granddaughter; she’s gonna hate you when she’s older and you show the photos to her boyfriend. Can’t wait to see her all dressed up like a reindeer tho!

    Seriously though Lou, I’m really lovin your new Blog! And your posts always make me laugh……or cry! I could watch the instgram pics all day.

    Love You

    Mum x

    • 28th October 2012 / 11:29 pm

      What ARE you talking about mother? Boyfriend? I don’t think so!

      Thanks Mum, love you too xxx

  2. Emma
    3rd November 2012 / 11:27 pm

    No way! Cute baby pics will never be embarrassing! X

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