Four Truly Personal Home Decor Ideas

Everyone likes their home to reflect their personality. It is the one place where they can truly be themselves, and not be governed by other people´s tastes.

Modern print techniques, materials and manufacturing processes mean that decorating your home in a truly personal way is easier than it has ever been. Below is a quick round-up of simple and affordable ways to buy bespoke items to decorate your home.

Bespoke artwork for every room

Firms like Hello Canvas make it easy for you to create truly unique artwork for every room. They will turn any good quality image that you choose into a canvas, or high-end HD metal, print to hang on your wall. The fact you get a choice of finish, size and frame means you can create a picture that fits in perfectly with the style of decor you like.

The exact shade of paint you need

When you are decorating a room getting the colour palette right is important. If you choose the right colours and shades you can pull every element together into a harmonious whole.

In the past, you would have had to make do with choosing the best match you could find in local stores. Today, you can shop across the world to find exactly what you need.

It is even possible to take the fabric you are planning to cover your sofa with to a decorating shop and tell the assistant that you want that exact shade of paint. Naturally, you have to pay far more for that paint. But, it means that you can paint your skirting or shelving in the same colour as your sofa, and your walls in a complementary shade to produce a pleasing overall look.

Custom made fabric

If you really want to cover your footrest in a striking cheese plant design you can. All you need is a high resolution image of the leaves, and the budget to pay for a batch of fabric to be printed up.

Custom printed flooring

You can do the same with flooring. For example, if you really loved the floors of the Alhambra and want to recreate them in your own home you can have a high pixel photo blown up and printed onto vinyl or laminate.

However, before you go to the expense of doing this, it is always worth doing an online search to see if a regular flooring manufacturer has already recreated the design you are looking for. In the case of the Alhambra Palace in Spain, this is certainly what has happened. You can already buy high-quality tiles, vinyl and laminate flooring materials that you can use to recreate the look in your own home.

Learn how to create high-quality images

As you can see all of the above ideas involve your having access to good quality, high resolution, photos. Therefore, if you are planning to the above decorating ideas for your home, it is well worth learning how to take good photos. You can easily learn how to do that by reading this article.

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