From Relaxed to Radical: Some Visual Inspiration for Interior Design

Interior design sometimes requires some inspiration to get you kick started, so here is some visual inspiration to do just that. Keep in mind what kind of space your are working with, if you want to use a particular style or time period, and what features would work well in your home. There’s a style out there out there for everyone, so get looking for yours.

This room it led by these bold yet understated blue drawers. Matching the blue of of the painting really helps it chime with with the rest of the room. Source.

Many people want to avoid using bold colours in their homes, for fear of it being a bit ‘too much’. A lot of the time, small items that have a strong colour can be used to make a simplistic design really pop. Strong colors don’t have to be radical but can be relaxed, don’t be afraid to make include some interesting visuals in your home.

The rustic look is definitely a relaxed one. Using warm colours like gold, dark red, or rich browns, can make your room look bright and homely. Source.

If you enjoy period houses, try changing the colour scheme of your home by introducing warmer colours. Even if you have a modern house, you can still work in some period features as contemporary and older styles can work really well together. This kind of style is relaxed and homely, and can end up looking really sophisticated, which is very impressive for dinner parties.

The antique features totally make the style of this room, it would look empty without it. The brass boiler, retro shower head, and thick bason all invoke various eras giving off steampunk to Victorian English vibes. This room oozes character.

Interior design doesn’t always have to be new sofas and generic wall paints Finding certain items that work well together can create a style for your room. Shopping for antiques can often save you money, compared to contemporary designer brands. Designing room using antiques also means the design will be unique to your home. This kind of design might not be for everyone, but it can be so much more visually interesting than contemporary designs.

This space evokes clean and easy living, while still feeling chic. There’s a Scandinavian or country feel to the design, and it’s basic, yet stylish. This is relaxed interior design at its best. Source.

Sometimes simplistic designs are the hardest to get right. Choosing what not to include in the design is as important as choosing what to include. White paint and light coloured wood is a great combination and makes any design look fresh. The patterns on your table cloth or the material of your kitchenware, can also add to, or be the focal point of your home design.

Whether you want to rummage through flea markets at the weekend, or you want to hire a interior design company to help you realise the potential of your home, get inspired. Here are some ideas to get you started, let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to life.  

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