The boy and I were talking about something last night, and it made me realise how spontaneous and fun I used to be and how much I’d changed. It made me sad to think about it.

I don’t know when I changed so much and I wish I’d only become less spontaneous since having a baby as that would be to be expected, but I know it was way before that. I suppose it must be an age thing but I wonder at what point I started to change.

I’d love to be able to go with the flow more and not overthink things but I’m a big worrier and my head always feels so full of things to think about and remember. I wish I had a pensieve like Dumbledore on Harry Potter where I could store my thoughts.

Do you think you’ve become less spontaneous as you’ve got older? Is there anything you do to keep the spontaneity and fun in your relationships and in in your life in general? Got any tips for me?

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