The Tefal Cook4Me // A Review

Last month, A and I went to a lovely little event to learn all about the Tefal Cook4Me and make a meal with it ourselves.

tefal cook4me

I arrived with my friend Maria from Suburban Mum and her little boy to the event location – a gorgeous house in London, on a beautifully sunny day, that started with us all standing around drinking Prosecco, whilst the kiddo’s played outside in the garden.

We were split into two groups – one to make the starters for us all to enjoy, and one to make the mains – all in the Cook4Me. Whilst our group got started started on our soups, the others enjoyed massages and manicures in the other room!

The Tefal Cook4Me

The Tefal Cook4Me is a smart pressure cooker that comes pre-programmed with fifty recipes. The inbuilt recipes have step-by-step instructions to guide you through the recipe simply and quickly, and the automatic cooking times and temperatures mean you don’t have to worry about things, and anyone (even me!) can cook a great meal with it. You can also use it on manual mode to create your own recipes.

tefal cook4metefal cook4metefal cook4metefal cook4me

I was so impressed how quickly we were able to make a Leek and Potato soup on the day – and even more impressed by how tasty it was, even without any seasoning! I love the thought that I can make all of these inbuilt meals so quickly. I was particularly impressed with the Tuna Puttenesca that the other group made for one of our mains – it had so much flavour which I wouldn’t have expected from something cooked so quickly. The Butternut Squash Risotto was also yummy; we make this meal a lot at home anyway, but the fact that I can now make it in less than twenty minutes in the Cook4Me makes a huge difference.

tefal cook4me

The Tuna Puttanesca

Since getting my own Cook4Me I have cooked WAY more, and we’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve made. It’s absolutely brilliant knowing that I can start cooking a meal and there can be a healthy and tasty meal on the table in less than half an hour! And then if we fancy it I can whip up a pudding in no time at all! The first thing I made as soon as my Cook4Me arrived (and I’d got it all washed and set up – which was very straightforward) was the Molten Chocolate Puddings – I actually changed the recipe slightly and used some raw chocolate instead of normal dark chocolate as that’s what I had in – so they were much better for us – and they still worked brilliantly and were so tasty!

I’ve since made the Bacon and Leek Risotto, which was really tasty, the Butternut Squash Risotto, and the Sausage and Bean Stew twice. All of these are built in recipes, and all take less than twenty minutes to prepare and cook – which is amazing. I also love that I end up with less washing up, as it is just the one pot, and sometimes an extra pan for the veg.

tefal cook4me

You can also choose to keep the food warm once it has finished cooking, so it’s perfect if someone is coming home a bit later, or you want dinner ready for when everyone gets home.

For me, the huge plus of the Cook4Me (other than how quick it makes cooking) is that it takes you through step-by-step and pretty much spells it out for you. I really enjoy cooking but I do get a bit stupidly overwhelmed with recipes, and read them through about a million times before I do anything, which means everything takes a lot longer than it should! This is just so straightforward and I absolutely love it.

tefal cook4me

Mine and Maria’s little cuties.

tefal cook4me

The only negative I can really see is the huge size of the cooker – it is a pretty big old thing and takes up a lot of space on my side – but for me so far it’s totally worth it, and it does mean that you can cook a meal for six people. The only other slight issue I’ve had is with the Butternut Squash Risotto that I made; once it said it was ready I tried it and the rice wasn’t quite cooked enough – so to cook it some more I needed to add more liquid, which meant either making up more stock or adding more hot water, which could make it less tasty. It’s not a huge problem though because I can learn to make slight adjustments based on what we like, and once I’ve used it for a while I can get more confident at trying different ingredients as well as my own recipes. Everything else has been perfect.

We had such a lovely afternoon at the Tefal event and I’m really enjoying cooking more with my new Cook4Me. We embarassingly filmed some little soundbites for Tefal and here is my rather awkward one if you’d like to see…

And here’s a nice little one of the event…

You can get your own Tefal Cook4Me at Amazon here.

We were invited to the event by Tefal and also received the Cook4Me from them, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Sue Collier
    18th August 2016 / 10:05 am

    Great to hear you’re cooking more – bet hubby is chuffed! When can we come for dinner?

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