The Bathroom Chemistry Campaign, With Heritage Bathrooms

Heritage Bathrooms – the luxury bathroom brand – wants to find the perfect ingredients for a luxury bathing experience. They asked me to be involved as an expert judge, representing the voice of the Lifestyle and Parenting industry.

As someone who loves trying out luxury products, and finding those amazing products that really make a difference to my daily life, I of course said yes. They sent me nineteen products across four categories to find those that are essential for ultimate relaxation and comfort, and give them each a rating out of five stars. Heritage Bathrooms want to know how the products can complement the bathing experience, as well as the importance of luxury products in the home.

Luxury Bath Products

Heritage Bathrooms have thirty years of experience in bathroom product design and their collections are inspired by leading trends and generations of style. Their products include; suites, a collection of freestanding cast iron and acrylic baths (one day I will have one of those!), beautiful and practical furniture, and stylish, coordinating taps and showers.

I’m very excited to be a part of this campaign, and have been very much enjoying trying out all of the products over the last month or so. It’s very nice to have an excuse to have lots of baths and disappear for a bit to relax with candles, bath oils and hair masks!

sanctuary bath productsluxury bathroom products

I think it’s so important in our busy lives to take some time out regularly to relax and switch off, and having a long bath, with a book and some lovely products (and maybe a glass of wine!) is one of my favourite ways to do that. Especially as a parent, life can feel so hectic and rushed, and when you have little hands all over you all day, every day, and non-stop questions about every little thing, you really need to take time out for yourself sometimes, and to try and calm your brain a bit.

I’ll soon be sharing some of my reviews of the luxury products I’ve been testing, both on here and the Heritage Bathrooms website, as well as my final choices of the products that are the perfect formula for the ultimate relaxing bathing experience.

This is a collaborative post with Heritage Bathrooms.

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