The Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! Fridays just feel so good don’t they? On Fridays I always feel like I’m so close to getting sane again after a busy week on my own with Ava (especially during the school holidays). I am usually allowed a lie-in at the weekend (so I can feel human again), we can try and catch up with a bit of housework together, and hopefully spend some quality time as a family.

It's Friday!

Here are five things:

One.  My new passport is here! I won’t be left behind with them going for a father-daughter honeymoon without me! Getting post with my new name on and ‘mrs’ is seriously weird. It somehow makes me feel middle-aged and like I am lying about my name at the same time. And it’s a weird time. I just got a new bank card with my old name on, I was excited to sign it with my new signature (which is a bit crap to be honest) and then realised I couldn’t, but I sign for a parcel forgetting I got married and sign with my old name. I wonder how many years it will take me to catch up.

Two.  My little girl has suddenly got so cheeky but in a really cute and endearing way. Like she’s just playing with you and having a bit of fun, and she gives you this really innocent look with a very slight smile. This age is a lot of fun – hard work – but fun. She’s suddenly grown up so much in the last couple of weeks (say I for the fiftieth time).

Three.  It’s two weeks tomorrow until we go on our family honeymoon!!!!!! The time has flown by and we just can’t wait. The lack of sunshine and nice weather in this country this summer means that I am so incredibly appreciative that we get to enjoy so much sunshine and for so long. The break away from housework and the hubby’s work for him, and all of the mundanities of daily life is something we all really need, and I can’t wait. I still have loads to do before we go but I’m so happy!

Four.  I’m missing nursery. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to something being a certain way. Ava has only been going to nursery for a few months but I had got so used to having that time for two and half days each week to get things done – particularly blogging and housework – and it is so hard trying to fit all of that in while having Ava at home. If we didn’t have our big trip planned I think I would probably go crazy over the summer holidays. Either that or I’d get really really organised with everything so that I am not running about like a crazy person as I am now.

Five.  I am really, really going to try and get into vlogging while we are away in Spain and Portugal. I want to be filming bits of it anyway for the memories, but I’d really like to cobble some bits together and share them on here. The only problem is that I am not very quick at editing and I don’t want to spend hours on holiday editing vlogs. We shall see! I’m also hoping to share lots of blog posts about the places we go and what we get up to. So exciting!

What do you have planned for the weekend – anything exciting? Let me know in the comments! And whatever you get up to I hope you have a wonderful one, with lots of good sleep, food, and laughter.

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