The Monthly Catch-Up // September

Well howdy dudey! How are you? The end of September already hey? The months and years just whizz by once you’re a proper adult don’t they?

monthly catch-up september

I have no idea what I’ve done in September, it’s been a big blur of sleeplessness and work work work work work. Oh my child started school! I told you it was a blur. She’s settling in well and mostly loving it, except she doesn’t want to eat lunch there now, which is a fun discussion to have every day. It’s mainly because I give her terrible things like bananas to eat, horrible mother that I am, and so she wants to eat at home where she knows she’ll get away without eating the damn banana because I’m tired and I’ve had enough of her whinging.

I was also reminded by my awesome friends that at this age she gets free school meals and so I’m on a mission to persuade her that getting a hot meal and a pudding every day is a very good thing, especially in winter. Hopefully in a couple of months she won’t get very upset when I suggest it. Her best friend has a packed lunch too you see, which means (I think – from the little she’ll tell me) that her BFF won’t get to sit with her, which of course is the end of the world right now.

Now I’m thinking about it I’ve actually realised that I’ve done quite a bit this month so it actually feels like it’s been really long but it’s still a blur. Things that happened at the beginning of the month seem like ages ago for some reason.

Right at the beginning of the month we reviewed a lovely Thai restaurant in Nottingham – Thaikhun, and I’ll be writing about that very soon. It’s a pretty cool place.

Then we took delivery of Ava’s new bed from Ikea – her first ‘grown-up’ full-sized single bed, which she is loving. So I spent some time sorting out her room a bit more, and getting it all a bit more organised. Here we are now, a few weeks later, and of course it is chaos in there again – apparently my not-far-off-five year old doesn’t know how to put things away.


The week after that A started school for the very first time. For the first two weeks she just did half days, which was a bit of a pain to be honest, and she didn’t really need them for that long. She’s fine but it’s taking me a while to get used to the school run every day! She’s settled in really well though, and my heart still melts every day when I see her in her uniform – my little baby is so grown up!

friday faves

Other than that we’ve just seen family a bit for birthday’s – my sister’s and my mother-in-law’s, and then I had my usual hospital appointment and blood test that I have every few months. Then I’ve just been working hard; I have loads to do at the moment, which is brilliant and exhausting in equal measure, but I’m very grateful.

So it’s October tomorrow and I’m ready to fully embrace cosy jumpers and scarves, and the crisp autumn air – although I’m sure once the dark mornings start to hit, and I’m freezing my bollocks off every morning, I’ll be swiftly changing my mind.

I hope you’ve had a lovely old September.


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