Moving Out, Cats, And Yucky Stuff // The Things She Says #6

So Ava is now four years old, and seriously gets more and more cheeky every day! She now does the repeating everything I say thing, which every parent looks forward to, don’t they. I thought it might start to happen when she is quite a bit older than this though! Luckily she doesn’t have the attention span to keep it up for long yet, so it mostly makes me laugh at the moment.

A eating in Spain

She says a hundred things that make me laugh out loud every day, but I usually forget them before I can write them down. She actually makes jokes now, and takes the p*ss out of me constantly, she’s very witty, which she obviously gets from me.

Here are some of the funny things she has come out with recently…

I asked Ava what she’d had for her school dinner:
“Burgers and yucky stuff. Like tomatoes and courgette”

“So I can’t have chocolate after (because she had it at lunch for pudding) so can I watch something?

I told Daisy (our cat) off for scratching at the bathroom door. Ava gave me a look, went to the door and said really gently to Daisy “Dais, maybe you could do that on the bedroom door”. So. cute.

I was telling her how I’ve bought a special Christmas decoration every year of her life so that when she is older and moves out she will have her own lovely collection to take with her…
She literally started crying her eyes out at ‘move out’, not dramatic tears, but tears of utter sadness:
“But I don’t want to move out mummy”
“I don’t mean until you’re older Ava,  I mean when you’re an adult”
“No I don’t want to ever move out, I will miss you.”
So I then had to reassure my three year old that she doesn’t ever have to move out if she doesn’t want to! It took a while.

I spoke to her about putting a bit of makeup on her for her ballet show (so their faces show up under the lights apparently) and she said “yes, maybe I can wear the makeup like I wore with my witches costume”! Somehow I don’t think the orange and black would go down too well!

“We’re going to find bread on our doorstep on last winter morning.” (No idea!)

“Maybe when it’s Christmas mum, we can go outside and make a snowman.”

She was telling me how much she loved me:
Me: “I love you to the moon and back”
A: “I love you to the sun and moon. And to the reindeer too. “

A: “Mummy I’m making one of those things you can hide in”
Me: “a den?”
A: “Yes, a den and I’m using the thing that I was sick in; the sick bowl to hold it up.”

Have your kids said anything funny recently, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. 19th January 2016 / 9:33 pm

    I love all these things that Ava has been saying – good logic on suggesting to Daisy that she should scratch on the bedroom door instead but possibly not the outcome you want! “I love you to the sun and moon. And to the reindeer too” is just adorable and how lovely that she doesn’t want to ever move out (although I am sure that she will change her mind on that one one day!) Lovely update and thank you for sharing it with #ftmob :-)
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