The Weekend #2 Being Back Home

On Friday we got home from our month long trip around Spain and Portugal. We got back in the evening, dumped all of our stuff in the house and then went straight to Paul’s mums because it was her birthday. We were pretty knackered but it was nice to see family for a couple of hours after not seeing them for so long.


Then on Saturday we had our friends wedding to go to which was great fun, and it was lovely to spend some time with friends.

Now it’s Sunday and we’re a bit hungover and very tired and sleepy. It’s actually quite strange being back in our house after a month away. It feels like we were away for a lot longer. The house kind of feels a bit unfamiliar, and I’ve forgotten where some things are! It’s taking some time to get used to being home again and doing all of the normal things we do every day and getting back into our routines. It honestly feels like we’ve been away for months. I don’t know why.

Now I’m looking forward to catching up with emails and blogging work, getting Ava back to nursery and her dance classes, and starting to get the house more organised and ready to sell. It was amazing being away but I’m now looking forward to getting back to ‘real’ life, wrapping up in jumpers and coats, and enjoying autumn in England.

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