7 Things I’m Feeling Grateful For

Things have been a bit crazy round here at the moment. We’ve had some great news, and some potentially awful news, and so I feel a bit all over the place and quite stressed. So I’m trying hard to just go with the flow as much as possible and think about both the big and the small things that I have to be grateful for in my life.

7 Things I'm Feeling Grateful For

7 Things I’m Feeling Grateful For

My daughter’s health

My little 5 year old is bloody amazing, and I know how lucky we are that she has her health and is generally well, as well as having the rest of my families health as far as we know. I am appreciating that massively right now.

Fresh air and sunshine

When life is feeling a bit more difficult and complicated than usual it can feel so good to just get outside for a bit to get some fresh air and appreciate this incredible world, especially if the sun is shining. Sometimes, just taking a few deep breaths of fresh air can really help me feel calmer.

Plants and fresh flowers in my home

I’ve been trying to make my house feel a bit more homely recently, and cover up the fact it’s slightly falling down around us, with a bit more pretty. Having more greenery and brightly coloured flowers around my home makes it feel a lot nicer, and I’m even managing to keep them all alive for now. I’ve been clearing out our bedroom recently and I really want to get a big leafy plant for one corner of the room.


Right now I just seem to constantly want pudding at all times of day and especially when we’ve eaten out – Churros, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Eclairs – I just want all of them all the time. So I’m embracing it because life is short and pudding is good.

My body

This is a slightly weird one, especially right now as my body is giving me rather large amounts of shit right now (not literally – I wouldn’t share that with you!). But I’m so grateful for it too. It has grown and nurtured my baby girl, it is strong and capable, and it allows me to do pretty much anything I want to. We think about the way our bodies look far too much, and don’t spend enough time appreciating how bloody amazing they are.

Getting the chance to travel

I’m so appreciative of all of the chances I get to travel now. I absolutely love it, even if it’s just popping to London for one night on my own. It increases my confidence and makes me happy and I love to see new places. I love going abroad and having a nice relaxing break in the sun with my family, and I am so grateful that I get to do that sometimes. The world is a huge place, and I can’t wait to see more of it over my lifetime.

Pretty things

The pretty things don’t mean a lot, but it’s nice to have them there to cheer us up, make us smile or just be able to enjoy looking at them, especially around the house. I love the pretty pink cherry blossom that is everywhere right now, I love all my pretty jewellery, and I love the pictures and photographs around my home.

Is there anything you’re feeling particularly grateful for right now?

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  1. Zara
    3rd May 2017 / 9:05 am

    I am a huge fan of flowers and plants in my house. My kitchen window is pretty packed with with everything from succulents to herbs. Fresh air & sunshine, seems so insignificant sometimes, but makes a huge difference. I love having all the windows open and filling the house with that fresh outdoorsy smell. Love you.
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