Time is Precious: 10 Little Tips to Save Time on Cleaning

Life as a parent is always super busy, so I often have to fit in cleaning and housework around other things, rather than spending hours getting it all done. Being short on time also means that I need things to be as quick and simple to do as possible – plus cleaning is generally boring so I don’t want to spend ages on it! I like things that help me get the job done quickly, but still with great results.

Tips to Save Time on Cleaning

Vileda challenged me to share my tips and tricks to save time on cleaning. Some might be really obvious to you already, but hopefully you will find one or two tips to help you get the cleaning done more quickly.

Tips to Save Time on Cleaning

  1. Keep the roll of bin bags actually inside the bin beneath the current bin bag you are filling. This especially helps with upstairs bins, so you don’t have to mess about emptying a bin and then having to remember to take a fresh bag upstairs before you can use it again.
  2. Pour loo cleaner down the loo every evening – that way it can get to work overnight and you can give it a quick scrub in the morning if you have time. And it means that you don’t have to scrub as much. Even if you don’t give it a quick brush every day, it’s still keeping it cleaner than it otherwise would be.
  3. Make window cleaning way easier and quicker. I have always put off cleaning the windows inside – it’s always been a job I hate and I was never quite sure on the best things to use. Since being sent the Vileda Windowmatic Window Vac the windows in my house have actually been cleaned for the first time in a loong time. It’s super easy and quick to use and makes cleaning the windows so easy and leaves them streak free.
  4. Get the kids to help! Younger kids tend to love helping with little jobs and feeling grown up. Of course sometimes them helping can make things take a bit longer but it should hopefully make it more fun for you, and the older they get the more it will actually help save time. If you teach them how to do little jobs properly, then it will help you out and teach them good skills to have!
  5. Spend a little time cleaning every day so it’s not a huge job once a week. I like to try and hoover quickly a few times a week so it’s not such a big job at the weekend, even if it’s just say around the edges of the kitchen. Plus that way everywhere feels nice and clean all week long.
  6. Get built-up residue off your showerhead easily. Leave the showerhead to soak in a food bag with vinegar in overnight, so that all the rubbish dissolves off it, and then rinse in the morning. It works really well and means you don’t have to keep scrubbing at it (Vinegar also works really well in the loo).
  7. Wipe down the shower screen after every shower so that it stays nice a clean and it’s not such a big job once a week. The Vileda Windowmatic Window Vac is great for this as it sucks up any excess water and leaves it looking lovely and clean.
  8. Use an old sock as a duster for things like the bannister or a blind – put the sock over your hand and wipe over each part so that you can get at all the little bits quickly and easily.
  9. Use one of those scrapey things that are to remove paint from glass to clean the oven door; instead of scrubbing and scrubbing at it you can just scrape it all off.
  10. Use rubber gloves to remove cat and dog hairs from sofas, curtains, and cushions. Put the rubber gloves on and wipe over the hairs.

Do you have any time-saving cleaning tips? Please share them in the comments if you do!

This is a collaborative post with Vileda.

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