Turning Five

Ava as she is turning five

A couple of days ago my little girl turned five. I said the same thing last year, but five years old seems so much older than four. This was the year she started school, has come on leaps and bounds with her writing and can now read a little bit. It’s been fascinating to watch the process that they go through to start to read and write, and to see how quickly she has picked it all up and developed those skills. It makes me so proud seeing what she has written, and she absolutely loves writing me little cards and notes. It’s so cute.

When she was a baby, turning five seemed like an absolute age away, and it also seemed like a bit of a milestone age – the start of school and an age when kids seem that much more grown up. Now she suddenly seems so big and clever, and also rather cheeky and witty. She’s brilliant. There’s so much I love about this age, and despite it being pretty difficult at times (a lot of times), it’s also a lot of fun. I love our conversations – the silly ones and the slightly more sensible ones, I love messing about with her and dancing and playing about. It’s lovely having an older child; it feels like you have more enjoyable time with them, rather than having to plan nappy changes and feeds, you can actually have a great time together and be a bit more relaxed, which is lovely. I love spending time with this incredible person that I somehow had a part in creating.

My big girl – you are 5! How the flip did that happen?! Love you to the moon and back and moon and back and moon and back… as we like to say xxxxx

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