Wedding Planning: The Venue

Norwood Park

I loove wedding planning. But I’m so impatient so I just want to book everything right now. I think it might be because I’m nervous that we (I) won’t be able to get the venue and photographer/make-up artist/hairdresser we (I) want on the date we choose. And so I want to know I’ve got everything locked down and won’t be disappointed.

The first thing we need to book is obviously the venue and I think I’ve found us ‘the one’. Well, I haven’t really, seeing as we haven’t actually seen it inside in real life yet but it looks beautiful and seems to have everything we want. It’s still expensive and I’d love to be able to find somewhere beautiful but not so grand so that it doesn’t cost thousands, but I can’t find anywhere like that in Nottingham. I just hope that I’ve added it all up right and my maths hasn’t failed me, and it’s actually double what I’ve worked out, or I’ve missed a massive cost out or something silly.

What we want from a venue:

  • A pretty house and grounds with outside space for photos, and for enjoying if the weather’s nice
  • Rooms available to stay the night and to get ready in
  • Lovely food
  • A lovely main reception room to eat, drink, dance, be merry and to spend most of the time in, that we can decorate, and has natural light if possible
  • Not too far away
  • Different rooms for guests to relax in would be a bonus

The list doesn’t seem that long but it’s not been that easy to find (and I may not have found it yet), mainly because all of the grand country houses for weddings around here seem to be about £8,000 (that’s for exclusive venue hire, food and drink), and that amount seems crazy to me. I still feel that there must be somewhere around here that is beautiful and charming but simple and not so extravagant but I must be missing it!

Of course, I’ve been talking about the venue as though this is the main venue for the day, but actually we’re planning on holding the ceremony itself in a church. I know this is the most important part of the day, you know, the marriage part, but I think I’ve been more focused on where the reception will be because that is where most will happen and where we’ll spend most of the day. I’m not more bothered about the party than the getting married bit, honest.

And also, it’s not like there are perfect reception venues everywhere so we kind of have to base the church on where the reception venue will be, rather than the other way around. Of course, not just any church will have us, but we’ll face that matter when we come to it.

I love the look of the place I’ve found, and I have pretty much since we got engaged, but I think I’m still hoping to find that bargainous beautiful hidden gem that is perfect for us and means we’re not spending thousands and thousands on the venue. If you think it exists, let me know.

Update: The boy has informed me that this place only has Worthington’s and Carlsberg on tap, and he is not getting married somewhere that people have to pay £3.60 a Pint to only be able to choose from one of those. He wants somewhere you can bring a barrel yourself so he can drink a nice Ale. So, you might as well ignore this post, because obviously the boy is going to find us somewhere totally perfect that I haven’t been able to find, where you can BYO booze… And we’ll all live happily ever after….

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