Why You Should Be a #RehomingAngel and Adopt Your Pets

Around six years ago we decided we wanted two cats to add to our little family. There was never any question that we would find some to adopt rather than get kittens from a litter. Throughout my life we have rescued cats and we almost always had a cat in our family.

Adopt a cat - Daisy

We rescued Blinkers from living on our street in an ice cold winter with only an old car for a bit of shelter. She had pieces missing out of her ear, and wasn’t a happy bunny until we gave her a warm, loving home for the rest of her days. Then we took in my step-Grandads cat Zoe as my mum had promised him we would when he passed away. After that we added Blackie who was a stray and a very scared girl. We loved them all so much.

So when we decided we wanted two cats we knew for sure we would adopt. I decided I would really like to adopt kittens though because I had never had a cat from a kitten and despite knowing they grow up so quickly and become cats, I really wanted one that from a young age I could hold and that would sit on me knee and they would want to do that because they were used to it. My other stipulation was that I didn’t mind what colour as long as they weren’t black and white. I don’t really know why, they just weren’t my favourite colour of cat.

I found a local lady who ran a couple of shelters and first of all went to one with my mum. Oh my goodness, I loved all the cats and wanted to take them all home, love them, and give them a better life. Especially the older ones and the ones who had been at the shelter for ages. It made me so sad seeing these gorgeous, friendly cats with no-one to love them. My mum too fell in love with an older one and I think if she had still had a house (they are travelling around the country in a motorhome) she may well have adopted that one.

As soon as I got to the shelter and saw all of the young cats there – the one’s people had bought as kittens and then abandoned as soon as they weren’t quite as cute anymore – I knew there was no way I was going to be getting kittens. I wanted to give a home to two slightly older cats who were desperate for a home. The ones who people weren’t quite as interested in.

The lady told me about a cat there were soon getting in at the other shelter, that was about six months old and I couldn’t wait to meet her. When we did, she was so friendly and lovely, and she was black and white. I really couldn’t care less; I just wanted to give her a home. And so we did! Her name is Molly, and she is now eight years old. She is a very whingey but loving girl who would eat and sleep all day long if we let her, but we love her lots.

Adopt a pet from the RSPCA

A few weeks after we got Molly we heard about another girl a similar age who had been found living in a car park, they think for a while. We went to see her and she was a little bit nervous, the poor thing. We decided to adopt her too. Daisy is also around eight years old and ridiculously loving and headbutts you for attention. Until she’s had enough and then she goes a little psycho and attacks me, but hey ho. She’s very soft and delicate and princess-like, and she totally gets bullied by big fat Molly. You can tell that she probably lived on the mean streets for a while as she loves any human food, and isn’t so interested in cat food. She’s pretty small as opposed to Molly who is huge and I think she was probably taken away from her mother too early as she’s not great at the basic stuff like jumping. She misses what she’s aiming for. A lot. Poor poppet.

Rehoming Angel Daisy

I couldn’t ever imagine not adopting my pets. I think especially with cats; there are so many of them that are desperate for a loving home, and it’s an amazing thing to do if you are looking to give a home to a wee pet. Sadly, figures from the RSPCA show that more than one animal is abandoned every hour in England, which is a shocking figure, and I find it pretty hard to understand how that can even be possible and how so many people could possibly do such an awful thing. And to their own pets. I know horrible people exist in the world but how can there possibly be so many people that take on animals, often from someone who lets their poor cat just keep on popping out kittens, instead of getting them neutered, and then abandon them shortly after? It makes me so cross and so sad.

I know often there will be other reasons that people have to give up their pets, and I completely understand that sometimes it can’t be helped. It is the people who dump their poor pets somewhere rather than trying to find them a loving home, and the people that lose interest shortly after getting their pets that I think is terrible.

It’s so important that people consider rehoming domestic animals rather than getting them from a breeder. There are so many lovely animals looking for homes that are already in the world, so please think about it if you are looking for a pet to bring into your home.

Rehomig Angel Molly

The RSPCA have a ‘find a pet’ page where if you are looking to adopt a pet, you can find your perfect pet for adoption in your area. If you are thinking about getting a puppy then there is loads of advice on the RSPCA’s website, whether you are thinking of getting a puppy from a breeder or rehoming one.

In 2014, the RSPCA rehomed 53,263 animals. Every animal that is adopted from the RSPCA will already be microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. Could you give an abandoned animal a home?

Are you a #RehomingAngel? Have you ever adopted a pet? I’d love to know about your pets in the comments!

This is a collaboration post with the RSPCA, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Lindy
    24th November 2015 / 1:04 am

    Gorgeous cats! I will definitely be looking at our local shelters when I decide to add a new addition to the family :)

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